I'm A Social Worker!
Frederic Reamer,  Ph.D. Social Work

Frederic Reamer, Ph.D. Social Work

Professor, School of Social Work, Rhode Island College, RI

“Social work is all about making a difference in the world. That’s what we do.”

My practice areas are in social work, professional ethics and criminology. I developed this interest when I was only six years old, and read a library book about prisons. The book fascinated me. Why did those men hurt other people? Why were they in prison?

That chance encounter led to a lifelong interest in criminal justice, corrections, and professional ethics. Most of my career has focused on different aspects of issues of “right” and “wrong.”

As a member of my state’s Parole Board, it’s always great to learn that an inmate who I voted to parole is doing well in the community. I’m also a professor in a graduate school of social work, and chaired the national task force that wrote the current National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. I cannot imagine a more satisfying and rewarding career.